Redefining Renovation 

You Relax, We Renovate

 Redefining Renovation 

You Relax, We Renovate

 Redefining Renovation 

You Relax, We Renovate


Family Focused

Our entire process was created around the needs of young families.  When you have a busy family, especially with young children, you can’t accommodate vendors camping out in your home every day.  You need…

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Full Home Services

Whether you need a full home renovation or just a one room refresh, our process hinges on a detailed planning process so that you know exactly what every element will cost and how long it…

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Full Service Relocation

Description Coming Soon!

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Nurseries and Kid’s Rooms

Nurseries are the heart of Peekaboo.  It’s where we got our start.  After almost ten years of designing and installing nurseries, we are the best in Dallas.  We can create your dream nursery with…

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renovation vacation

Spring Break Special

Leave for a week of fun and relaxation with the family; come home to your dream space.  Whether it’s a living area, bedroom, dining room or bathroom, we will complete the space so that it is ready for you to walk in and enjoy.

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The Bathroom Break

Head out on a week-long vacation, then return to your dream bathroom, completely renovated, clean and ready for you to relax in.  Master bathrooms can also be completed in most cases.

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Over the Moon Nursery Package

Take a relaxing trip before baby comes and Peekaboo will install your dream nursery while you’re gone.  Return home to reveal your dream nursery, completely ready to welcome home baby. 

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our story


Peekaboo Design Group was created to help busy expecting parents prepare for baby, primarily focusing on the design and installation of the nursery.  As our client’s families have grown, so have our services.

Nurseries are turned into big girl and big boy rooms; while new nurseries are created for baby brothers and baby sisters.

For years, after the reveal of every nursery and kid’s room, we would hear the same question, “Can’t you use the same process to give me my dream master bedroom?”

Finally, in 2011, we agreed.  In one week, we were able to install a nursery, big brother room, master bedroom and guest bedroom including new floors, lighting, woodwork, painting, all furniture and accessories, organized and ready for the family to welcome baby.

From this, we learned that the process created to efficiently complete one room, also worked on a much larger scale.

Since then, we’ve freshened and renovated homes as large as 6000 sq ft in as little as two weeks installation time.  We are now on a mission to change the face of home renovation.

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Just Watch Us…
Posted By Kim  Posted On 20-Jan-2016


This is so exciting!  Our very first blog post on our very shiny brand new website in a year that we hope to totally shatter old school thought behind home renovating.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, all…

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