Love My Job!

The best way I know to describe our role in a client’s renovation/refresh project is as an executive assistant.  Today perfectly exemplified this description.

We’re working with a client who has bought a new home and needs it renovated by end of January so that they can move.  In addition to renovating their new home, we will most likely be inventorying everything in their current home, having it packed and moved to their new home then the crew who organized and packed will put everything away while we decorate so that all they have to do is walk in and relax.

That’s fun for me.  But, what I love most about my job is the day-to-day assistance.  Today, Renee and I were at the house walking through with our vendors forming a renovation game plan when the client called worried about the pool.  The pool has large live oaks over it and in a matter of weeks since the sale of the house, the water has turned brown.  To make matters worse, we’re about to experience a very rare freeze here in Dallas.

Renee and I immediately jumped on the phone calling pool guys we trust.  In a matter of minutes, we had a pool guy who we’ve seen clear a pool in a similar state scheduled for the afternoon.

Not only were we able to take that worry from our client, we were able to give more work to a hard working and reputable local small business.

This makes my day!