Are you a general contractor?

The term general contractor has become a negative title.  We are sure there are good general contractors out there somewhere.  Maybe they’re hanging out with the good politicians, but we don’t like to be called general contractors.  Project or Renovation Manager is probably a better title for our services.  We are advocates for our client’s, their home and their vision.  I often tell my clients to think of me as an executive assistant with renovation expertise there to guide them through the process while also managing the necessary materials, labor and timeline to complete the project with ease.

How Exactly are You Different than a General Contractor?

We are full service.  Our top priority is your renovation experience.  Once we have a clear vision of the space you want and approval of all materials and the budget, you are done.  We do absolutely everything else you’ve approved so that all that’s left for you is to walk into your brand new dream space clean and ready for you to enjoy.

Do you work with general contractors?

Uh-oh.  Did we bad mouth contractors in our first answer?   We actually do have a handful of experienced general contractors who consult with us on projects that require any kind of structural change.  They are the best in the business when it comes to remodeling homes valued at $800,000+ which is why we trust their knowledge on all of our projects.  We wouldn’t be able to tackle our bigger projects without them.  Time management??…well…we just don’t let them manage the projects!

If you have a general contractor that you like and trust, we can assist you at an hourly rate helping plan and achieve the space you want while also making sure your contractor has all materials necessary.

Is Peekaboo more expensive than hiring a contractor?

We’ve completed entire homes 3000 sq ft + in as little as a week installation time, so we’re going to say, “yes.”   One of our wonderful and handsome  (need to make up for our answer #1) contractors we use as a consultant puts it this way, “There’s Fast, Cheap and Good Quality; you can pick two.”  We’re fast.  And, we’re real good.

With that said, we are worth meeting for an initial consultation.  There have been cases where we’ve come close to or beat other general contractor’s bids.  Most general contractors ballpark their bid which leaves them asking for more money later.  You also might not know exactly what they’re making for managing the job.  We leave you with a budget that line-items every last little thing including our management fees.  And, unless you make changes mid-project or something unexpected happens during installation (rare), that bottom line doesn’t change with Peekaboo.

How can you complete quality work in such a short amount of time?

Strategy.  We do something that we guess general contractors don’t normally do, we sit down with all the pieces to the renovation puzzle and figure out the best way to proceed.  If we have a week to complete a project, then we hire enough tradesmen to complete that project in a week.  Simple as that.

Who does the work?

This is another secret to our success.  Many general contractors brag that they “don’t sub-contract.”  We sub-contract everything.  We only work with other small business owners who specialize in specific areas of trade.  Our painters paint.  Our plumbers plumb.  Our tile guys tile.  Our electricians wire.  We schedule these professionals when we know that we need them.  And, because they only focus on one trade (and maybe because we give them a lot of work), they always show up.  After all, as most who’ve worked with contractors will agree, ‘half the battle is just getting them to show up!’

Who is your typical client?

We started by helping busy families get ready for baby so our clients tend to be busy, professional families.  Our clients are typically too busy to decide the minute details, much less manage vendors and the installation process.   They usually want us to come in, present a plan for them to approve then execute that plan in a manner where they barely know we’re there.  And, that is our goal.

How does your relocation renovation work?

We assess your original home, logging the décor and furniture by room.  We then create a design and installation plan for your new home along with a total budget.  Once approved, we manage the packing of your original home, overseeing the movers and how the truck is loaded.  At the same time, one of our project managers schedules vendors needed to renovate your new home, gathering all materials needed to complete the space.   Once the home is ready for furniture, usually about a week if there are no major changes, we guide the movers as they unpack the truck advising which boxes go to which room.  We then oversee the unpacking and decorating of the new home so that all you have to do is walk into your new space, ready for you to enjoy.

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